The Meg 2 Is Coming, Eventuallyzzzz

The Meg, a giant shark movie starring Jason Statham, was a surprise hit in the summer of 2018. The movie, which cost a ton to make, seemed doomed from the first trailer. Audiences weren’t very excited, and it was being pegged as an upcoming box-office stinker.

Then it opened to over $40 million and went on to gross $530 million worldwide. Audiences loved it, too! How can you not smile when the finale is literally Jason Statham underwater fighting a 70-foot Megalodon? It didn’t take long for the producers to announce a sequel was in development. But will it ever actually get made?

Speaking to CinemaBlend, executive producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura said, “We’re working on a script. Yeah. So you never know until you get a good script. … I was very thankful that the audience got that we were just trying to have fun, not take ourselves seriously at all.”

Typically, sequels to hit movies come out two or three years after. With The Meg 2 still in the scripting phase, that will make it closer to four or five years after the original. If it comes out at all. The movie, while a surprising hit, wasn’t a gargantuan money earner. We guess the shark will just have to be bigger next time!